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Meet our newest partner, MainStream Merchant Services

You’re a part of the Huge Ad TV network, and we know you appreciate standing out above the crowd.  Why not also consider a stand out solution for your payments?

An easier way to accept payments

Using the latest payment technology makes your transactions quicker, easier and more secure.

  • Enhance the point-of-sale experience
  • Concierge approach to consulting
  • Local team here to help
  • Pass-through pricing to save you money

Who is MainStream Merchant Services?

MainStream is a leading provider of payment processing solutions. We are at the forefront of helping transform the merchant and consumer payment experience at the point-of-sale. We’re a leading merchant payment processing company that helps businesses from a wide range of industries with unique payment processing needs. Our clients range from family-owned restaurants to national retailers.  

What value do you bring to my company?

While most payment processors only talk about saving you money, we take a different approach and focus on building your business and developing lasting relationships. Our mission is to provide your business with the best payment solutions available, to increase your profits, and provide service beyond your expectations.

MainStream believes all clients deserve the very best in a payments processing solution. Technology should not be mysterious, pricing should be transparent, and service should be both attentive and delivered with expertise throughout the life of the relationship.

When you decide to join our team, you get access to a comprehensive list of services and solutions, which simplify your payments processing and saves you time and money.

How do you accomplish these values?

Our solutions range from mobile to enterprise, from business-to-business to e-commerce. The latest transaction technology transforms the way your customers pay and makes your payments quicker, easier, and more secure. Our robust payment solutions include EMV, mobile wallets, and PCI security to help safeguard your business against liability for fraudulent transactions.

MainStream Account Executives take a boutique, concierge, and educational approach to every client.  We take the time to understand any challenges you face, diagnose the problems, and offer custom solutions specifically designed to make the point-of-sale experience more pleasant, more secure, less expensive and less work to manage.

All it takes is one outreach and your MainStream Account Executive is glad to do all the heavy lifting.  You may be pleasantly surprised by how much MainStream can improve your point-of-sale customer experience and how much they can help you put back into your bottom line.  

One of our local Account Executives would be delighted to meet with you to learn about your business and offer suggestions as to how we can help simplify and streamline your point-of-sale and any back office needs.

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