Who We Are

Huge Ad TV is a team of marketers, account managers, designers, and technologists who are passionate in building small business communities. Founded in 2014, we have a vision to give leverage to local companies by connecting them with unprecedented, advanced technologies that will aid them in brand growth, advertising impact, and building credibility.

As individuals, families, residents, and community leaders, we want to see our neighborhood businesses prosper. When we rally, build, and engage in our communities, small business thrives. And as small business thrives, we all thrive.


What We Do

Huge Ad TV installs cutting-edge digital signage technology throughout the community to provide engaging, entertaining, and informative content on a network where local businesses can advertise effectively and affordably.

We have produced solutions for small businesses, private closed circuit networks, and larger enterprises, all with various needs in digital signage. Whether it is ensuring brand consistency across multi-unit operations, or providing cost-effective digital displays for local advertising, we customize our efforts to bring the most value to our clients.


Why We Do It

We believe in being a champion to small business. We believe small business thrives when community unites around them. We believe through our technology, small business can gain an advantage it’s never had before to connect with their local audience. We believe every business should have access to an affordable creative advertising platform.

Our Company Values:

Being a champion to small business is all about creating value in everything we do, both for them as a business and in the community that supports them. We aim to over-deliver for our clients.

We shoot straight with our clients and with each other. We are open, transparent, accept accountability, and meet our commitments.

We value our relationships and seek to be human first and corporate second.

We are passionate about our work and strive to excel in our lanes. We provide an environment where people can feel ownership in their own parts and understand how they fit in the big picture.

We spend more daytime with each other than our families, so we’d better like each other. We seek moments to play and have fun.

We think outside the box for solutions and dream big for our goals as a business and individually.

We have a bias towards action. Everything we do is about being decisive, being swift, and being consistent.

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